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I actually mostly wear dark colors!

Name Gabe
Pronouns he/they
Shorter than you’d think but taller than you’d like

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Live music, drawing, plushies, horror, scifi & fantasy, my cat!

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car-centric infrastructure, writing essays

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woof woof!

Hi there, I'm Gabe!

I'm a mid-20s genderqueer artist from Europe with an uncanny ability to let everything overwhelm me to the point of paralysis—I call this the Rot. In a fit of procrastination, I decided to make a website, which is where you are!!

When I'm not pretending nothing exists, I can be found drawing, listening to music, or playing video games. Mostly music these days.


Bands: My Chemical Romance, Circa Survive, Thursday, Anthony Green, The Used, No Devotion, Pinkshift, Le Tigre, Big Joanie, Paramore, the list goes on forever

Books: The Locked Tomb trilogy, The Farseer Trilogy, Howl's Moving Castle

TV shows: Star Trek DS9, Teen Wolf, Buffy

Games: Splatoon 3, Skyrim,Portal, Borderlands 2, Dragon Age

Podcasts: Wooden Overcoats, WTNV, Archive 81, The Silt Verses, Unwell, Wolf 359, Maintenance Phase, Campaign: Skyjacks, Midnight Burger

Colors: Ironically, I love earth tones. Irl I mostly wear black, brown, and green. But pink is fun and special and I like using it as much as possible in online spaces!

Fun facts

small pink headphones I'm learning the drums!

small pink headphonesI'm autistic and have ARFID

small pink headphonesI love CDs

small pink headphonesI'm studying to become a librarian

small pink headphonesI collect plushies
"Hey, I found you on [website] and you go by [name] there, what gives?" I hoard names.